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Cohesion Policy in EU Coal Regions
16-03-2023 - 17:29 REGI

Decarbonisation brings both significant challenges and opportunities for coal regions. The study analyses the implementation and impact of Cohesion Policy, including Just Transition Funds, in EU coal regions. The study concludes that Cohesion Policy has made, and is likely to continue to make, a real contribution to achieving smarter, greener and more socially connected development of EU coal regions.

Prisons and Detentions conditions in the EU
16-03-2023 - 17:28 LIBE

The fundamental rights concerns stemming from degrading prison conditions make this issue worth examining from an EU-law perspective. This study, requested by the LIBE Committee, aims to provide background information and policy recommendations on prison and detention conditions in the EU, on the basis of European and national regulations, legislation, policies and practices. It assesses the initiatives taken at EU level to support compliance with existing European stand.

Social tracking methodology for the EU budget
16-03-2023 - 17:27 BUDG

The EU tracks social expenditure for several reasons, ranging from ensuring financial control to assessing whether policies make the desired impact. The study: – examines the state of social tracking in the MFF and the RRF; – explores how the scrutiny of EU social spending could be improved and enhanced; – proposes a pilot study on theory-based monitoring as a potential innovation in social tracking.

Enhancing CSDP Missions' response to disinformation
16-03-2023 - 17:25 SEDE

The EU's CSDP missions and operations have been forced to operate in increasingly hostile information environments in recent years. The paper requested by SEDE and ING2 examines disinformation affecting CSDP missions and operations. It concludes that while these missions and operations are not targeted systematically, their ability to respond to attacks is limited. The authors propose reinforcing their capabilities in contested information environments.

The recent UK financial sector regulation - implications for the EU
16-03-2023 - 17:23 ECON

Brexit poses unique challenges for EU policymakers as the most important financial centre in Europe is now outside its regulatory framework. The study requested by ECON committee looks at expected medium- to long-term divergence between EU and UK regulation and at options for future cooperation. The study finds that granting of equivalence to the UK is likely and feasible only for a few financial sector segments and will depend on the broader EU-UK political relationship.

Metal Wheels with Compliance Concept
13-02-2023 - 18:00

How are national political parties, their foundations and parliamentary political groups funded? How is their use of funds controlled? This study, requested by the Directorate-General for Finance, stresses the need to implement international standards to achieve objectives in specific regulatory environments, rather than importing 'off-the-shelf' solutions. It looks at differences between political financing rules in Member States and the EP.


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