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EU fisheries and aquaculture sector
08-03-2024 - 12:10 PECH

Due to decreasing self-sufficiency rates in recent years, the EU fisheries and aquaculture products market is largely dependent on external producers. Albeit some EU market entries come from countries with lax regulations.

A permanent system for seat allocation in the EP
08-03-2024 - 12:08 AFCO

According to Art. 14(2) TEU, the allocation of seat quotas in the European Parliament must be “degressively proportional”, giving smaller Member States a larger number of MEPs per population. This paper, for the AFCO Committee, proposes a permanent system for the allocation of EP seats that ensures transnational electoral equality even under the conditions of increasing degressivity of national quotas. This is achieved through a system of proportional completion using a new EU-wide seat quota.

Due Diligence in EU Institutions'
08-03-2024 - 12:06 CONT

This study investigates whether EU institutions implement human rights and sustainability due diligence when they purchase goods and services. Based on documentary analysis and interviews, this study finds that sustainability due diligence is lacking in procurement carried out by the European Parliament, the European Commission and the EU agencies.

Forcible transfer and deportation of Ukrainian children
08-03-2024 - 12:04 DROI

The forcible transfer and deportation of Ukrainian children by Russia started in 2014 and intensified with the invasion of 2022. These briefings, presented during a workshop commissioned by DROI, detail the efforts in Ukraine and at the international level to stop the deportations and repatriate the children. The authors scrutinise the situation and the challenges on political, legal and practical fronts. They propose recommendations for what the EU could do to help bring the children back.

Young carers in Europe
08-03-2024 - 12:03 EMPL

Young carers are an often overlooked category of carers who carry out substantial caring tasks for a family member. The responsibilities they take on may have an impact on their mental health, social development and school performance. The in-depth analysis requested by EMPL committee looks at the situation of young carers across Europe, their support needs, the level of a wareness of their situation and the policies different Member States have developed.

Global Biodiversity Framework
31-01-2024 - 17:46 ENVI

One of the key targets of the Global Biodiversity Framework adopted at COP15 in December 2022 is to have 30% of the total area of degraded terrestrial, inland water and marine and coastal ecosystems under restoration by 2030. The briefing requested by ENVI committee analyses implementation of the Framework so far and concludes that progress has been variable, with good cooperation and action on some targets, but a lack of coordinated institutional support on others.


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