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20-11-2023 - 13:52 JURI

In April 2023 the European Commission adopted regulatory proposals introducing a unitary Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC). This study for the JURI Committee analyses the potential impacts of these proposals on access to medicines, the administrative burden to applicants and the cost to national health systems.

EU emission trading system
16-11-2023 - 20:30 CONT

This in-depth-analysis appraises the system used for the free allocation of emission allowances within the EU ETS, reviews its transparency and assesses related risks. The authors estimate the cost of free allocation to the EU budget and how the proceeds might be spent. In conclusion they recommend three policy approaches .

cyber attack
16-11-2023 - 20:29 SEDE

Russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine raises concerns about the harm inflicted on the civilian population – and bout the protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure – from both kinetic and cyber attacks. This report for SEDE analyses the magnitude of the war's cyber dimension, its impact, and the lessons learned. The authors aim to increase understanding about the threat environment and to strengthen cyber resilience and defence capabilities across the EU and in neighbouring countries.

Travel Passport
16-11-2023 - 20:27 IMCO

Owing to fast-paced changes in the industry, including digitalisation and a complex landscape of online intermediaries, the Package Travel Directive (PTD) requires updating. The study requested by IMCO committee identifies areas for improvement: adapting the definition of package travel, addressing pre-contractual information gaps, improving payment practices, tackling digitalisation challenges, enhancing enforcement, promoting alternative dispute resolution, and increasing consumer awareness.

European Maritime Infrastructure
16-11-2023 - 20:26 TRAN

The study looks at Chinese investments in European Maritime Infrastructure through the lens of ‘de risking’ for the first time. It provides a comprehensive overview of Chinese investments in this sector over the past two decades and weighs the associated risks that arise from the deliberate strategy by China to leverage its investments in European maritime infrastructure to its own advantage, and as a result of conflict scenarios.

Strategic Compass:
23-10-2023 - 16:33 SEDE

This IDA focuses on how to implement the Strategic Compass’s partnership dimension in the field of security and defence. It maps the EU’s different partnerships and their institutional arrangements and places them in their wider historical and geopolitical context. It charts out concrete recommendations for improving and gearing each partnership towards the achievement of the Strategic Compass’s goals, how new fora can be utilized and what role the European Parliament can play in this process.


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