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Trade-related policy options of a forced labour ban
13-01-2023 - 11:49 INTA

This in-depth analysis examines the ability of EU trade policy tools to tackle the import and circulation of forced labour products effectively in the European single market. The paper requested by INTA compares the option of an EU import ban on forced labour goods to the option of a marketing prohibition of such products, in light of the European Commission’s proposal for a Regulation on prohibiting products made with forced labour on the Union market, published on 14 September 2022.

Impact of COVID measures on democracy and fundamental rights
13-01-2023 - 11:48 COVI

Restrictive measures are the first tool available to Member States to slow the spread of an infectious disease, but they inevitably have implications for fundamental rights. The study requested by COVI analyses the impact of COVID-19 measures on democracy and fundamental rights in the EU taking into account comparative experience within EU Member States and relevant third countries. The study finds, inter alia, that a one-size-fits-all approach to vaccine hesitancy is unlikely to work.

Role and impact of China on world fisheries & aquaculture
13-01-2023 - 11:46 PECH

Over the past decades, China has become a major player in global fisheries and aquaculture, in particular through the operations of its distant water fleets. The study for the PECH reviews China’s marine fisheries and aquaculture and its trade of fishery products. It recommends, among other things, to develop an appropriate strategy to respond to China’s increasing domination of the global fishmeal supply, and calls for more transparency on Chinese fishing activities.

IP rights and distributed ledger technology
13-01-2023 - 11:45 JURI

Applications based on distributed ledger technology such as NFTs bring about many legal questions. This study, commissioned by JURI, aims to provide an overview at Intellectual Property Rights and distributed ledger technology with a focus on IP issues relating to art NFTs and tokenised physical art works.

Use of consultants by EC in preparation of legislation
13-01-2023 - 11:43 CONT

The study analyses cost of consultants in legislation drafting, their contracted activities over the past 10 years, as well as ethical issues, raised by current practices. It was requested by CONT and examines the evolution of European Commission’s use of experts and its budgetary, legal and political implications.

A renminbi note (chinese currency) rolled placed over a map of latin america.
09-12-2022 - 17:32 INTA

Over the last 20 years, China has become the second largest trading partner of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). This is closely related to commodities extraction and infrastructure construction. Although LAC profited from expanded economic interchange with China, its long-term implications remain in doubt. In reaction, the EU should offer LAC a strategic partnership based on fair and sustainable trade and on intensified technological and political cooperation.


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