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04-07-2022 - 12:12 DROI

Trade, development, and foreign policy instruments can contribute to the abolition of modern slavery practices in non-EU countries. The study analyses empirical evidence about the impact of the tools at our disposal. Case studies on Bahrain, Bangladesh, China, Mexico, Philippines, Sudan and Thailand trace their use. The study explains how ‘modern slavery’ functions as an umbrella term and presents the legal context in which the EU operates.

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04-07-2022 - 12:11 ECON

The Ukraine shock hit when the effects of the pandemic were still filtering through. It is a highly asymmetric shock, affecting some countries and sectors more than others. This collection of papers for the Monetary Dialogue analyses the ECB response to problems afflicting the European economy that have been exacerbated by the war in Ukraine. The main challenge for monetary policy is the rapid increase in energy and commodity prices, which pushed headline inflation to over 8% in May.

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04-07-2022 - 12:11 CULT

This study examines the progress that the European Schools system has made during the past decade and overviews its state of affairs as of 2022. The educational dimension of the study focuses on questions related to teaching and learning, while the operational one concentrates on the administrative and managerial sides of the system. The study pinpoints the key challenges that the system currently faces and provides tailored recommendations on how to overcome them.

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04-07-2022 - 12:11 AFCO

This study analyses governance at EU level. It shows that the Community method has moved towards more intergovernmentalism, on the one hand, and more parliamentarisation, on the other. Solutions are proposed to defend the Community method and increase the EU’s capacity to act in an efficient, integrated and democratic way.

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04-07-2022 - 12:11 CONT

Missing Trader Intra-Community (MTIC) fraud is estimated to result in a loss of at least EUR 60 billion to Member States and EU’s finances. This study examines the problem of MTIC fraud, the nature and scale of its impact on the EU’s finances, and potential solutions. Recommendations are made regarding the most appropriate solution.

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06-06-2022 - 10:16 BUDG

The need to repay NGEU debt, newly emerging potential genuine own re-sources, and mounting long term challenges for the EU have provided new impulses to the long-standing debate about a fundamental reform of the EU system of own resources. This study assesses recent legislative proposals for the new own resources included in the interinstitutional roadmap agreed together with the NextGenerationEU programme.


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