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Global Biodiversity Framework
31-01-2024 - 17:46 ENVI

One of the key targets of the Global Biodiversity Framework adopted at COP15 in December 2022 is to have 30% of the total area of degraded terrestrial, inland water and marine and coastal ecosystems under restoration by 2030. The briefing requested by ENVI committee analyses implementation of the Framework so far and concludes that progress has been variable, with good cooperation and action on some targets, but a lack of coordinated institutional support on others.

Certificates of competency
31-01-2024 - 17:44 PECH

This new study requested by PECH Committee presents the current state of play of the mutual recognition of certificates of competency of EU fishers and the functioning of the social security schemes that cover them. Based on the analysis of these topics, the study discusses the impact of the current situation on the mobility of fishers, on the fishing sector’s working risks and security and ultimately on the attractiveness of the fishing sector to the EU worforce.

Status for associations
31-01-2024 - 17:42 JURI

The recent study for the JURI Committee gives an analysis of the laws on public benefit status for associations in the MSs. It discusses the state of the art of EU law in this field, and deals with the legal regulation of cross-border conversion, merger and division of associations, focusing on problems that concern associations that hold public benefit status. Conclusions focus on the introduction of an EU statute that guarantees public benefit organisations freedom of establishment in the EU.

Effect of inflation in EU Finances
31-01-2024 - 17:40 BUDG

he focus of this study for BUDG Commmittee is the effect of inflation on the ongoing implementation of the current MFF on an aggregate level. The relevant inflation impacts and the channels via which they take effect are presented and analysed for the MFF and the EU revenue system. The study then maps and discusses policy options to mitigate these effects regarding the ongoing MFF and NGEU implementation, as well as with a view to the ongoing MFF mid-term revision.

EU Preventive diplomacy
31-01-2024 - 17:38 AFET

The EU is regarded as a frontrunner in preventive diplomacy. Conflict, increasing geopolitical tensions, competition, weakening multilateralism and the complexity of global contexts prove that the EU must re-assert its commitment to ‘preserve peace, prevent conflicts and strengthen international security’. This in-depth analysis, commissioned for AFET Committee, proposes an overview of the EU’s policy and methodology in preventive diplomacy, as well as practical cases and recommendations.

Solar panels and wind power generation equipment
15-01-2024 - 16:18 DEVE

The EU has committed significant funds to reduce energy poverty in Africa. Programmes aim to help achieve SDG 7, which commits the international community to ensuring universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy by 2030. This report takes stock of these efforts by investigating major challenges to universal access to energy in Africa. It examines how effective the EU’s efforts to overcome energy poverty are and how they interact with the EU’s Green Hydrogen strategy.


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