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Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear signs with the EU flag as background
13-09-2021 - 11:07 SEDE

The landscape of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threats has evolved rapidly in the past few years, increasing the risk of proliferation. This study, requested by the SEDE committee, provides an update of the current level of each of the C, B, R and N threats. The authors also recommend adopting a ‘Team Europe’ approach to creating and maintaining a strong task force based response capacity, with additional contributions from EU Member States.

Euro currency money symbol
13-09-2021 - 11:07 ECON

Shadow banking is a part of the financial sector where regulatory standards are looser than for regular banks. This means more diversity and resilience but also greater risk. The study requested by ECON committee identifies the components of the shadow banking system and analyses both the advantages, e.g. enhanced support to the real economy, but also concerns that shadow banking can lead to systemic risks. It makes five horizontal recommendations for better macroprudential regulation.

Illustration of a green truck on white background
13-09-2021 - 11:07 TRAN

This study presents opportunities and challenges for the use and deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure in the EU for heavy-duty vehicles, in particular trucks. While alternative fuels and zero-emission powertrains offer major reduction potential, without sufficient and appropriate recharging and refuelling infrastructure they will fail to deliver. To date, policymakers and other stakeholders have focused mainly on creating fuelling infrastructure for passenger cars rather than trucks.

Businessman standing in front of the entrance to a maze.
13-09-2021 - 11:07 JURI

In the domain of digital services, the extent to which consent in consumer contracts represents real agreement can be called into question. This study addresses the regulation of targeted and behavioural advertising in the context of digital services. It analyses EU law on consent to processing of personal data and discusses ways of improving the quality of consent as well as ways of restricting its scope as a legal basis for the processing of personal data.

A swirl of money made up of 500 euro bills
13-09-2021 - 11:06 CONT

This study examines the impact of organised crime on EU’s finances. Taking together the expenditure and revenue sides, the research suggests that between 1% and 2% of the EU budget is defrauded each year. The study also assesses measures at the EU and Member State levels to combat the problem and recommends actions to help reinforce these measures.

Two trucks crossing each other, one with Turkish flag, the other with EU flag
15-07-2021 - 11:28 INTA

This in-depth analysis summarizes the main effects of the Customs Union (CU) on EU-Turkey trade and the economic situation in Turkey. Against the background of the recent development of EU-Turkey relations, the authors assess the impact of four different options for developing EU-Turkey economic and trade relations, describe the options, the challenges the EU-Turkey Customs Union faces and seek solutions for these issues.


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