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20-11-2023 - 13:52

Medicinal products can be temporarily protected from direct competition by multiple forms of market protection. The Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC) grants holders an extension of the patent protection by a maximum of 5 years, says Adrián VÁZQUEZ LÁZARA, the Chair of the Committee on Legal Affairs and presents the latest study that analyses regulatory proposals introducing a unitary SPC.

different types of transport
16-10-2023 - 14:44

The decarbonisation of freight is crucial to meet the European Green Deal objective. Greening cargo operations implies shifting a substantial part of the inland freight carried by road to rail and inlands waterways, says Karima Delli, Chair of the Transport and Tourism Committee. To better understand the role of combined transport in this setting, the Committee will hold on 25 October a workshop on the ‘Combined transport’s role in the decarbonisation of transport’.

- Post-trade services
and financial stability
12-09-2023 - 13:45

Following the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU, the EU institutions have encouraged the migration of transfer clearing services to the EU, says Irene Tinagli, Chair of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs. The study requested by the Committee looks at the impact of Central counterparties (CCPs) on financial stability and economic growth. It concludes that CCPs should be located in the EU to support their mission, and identifies ways to make the EU more attractive to them.

-Policy Departments Monthly Highlights
12-07-2023 - 16:55

The EU consistently includes human rights and democracy clauses in international agreements, and Parliament has repeatedly called for systematic monitoring and application of these clauses, says Udo Bullmann, Chair of the Subcommittee on Human Rights. The in-depth analysis requested by the Subcommittee presents ideas for exploiting the human rights clauses’ full potential. It suggests tailored benchmarks, a monitoring role for domestic advisory groups, and additional reporting mechanisms.

Role of the EU budget in  international climate finance
19-06-2023 - 15:48

Climate change is one of the toughest challenges facing us today, and the Union’s contribution to fighting climate change extends well beyond its borders. The BUDG-CONT joint workshop on international climate finance was a chance to hear from experts about the EU’s financial contribution to the international green transition and the challenges implicit in closing the investment gap in both Member States and third countries.

Cooperation with UK
28-04-2023 - 09:07

UK's withdrawal from the EU has resulted in a severe impairment of inter-country cooperation in judicial matters, diminishing the effectiveness of judicial protection, says Adrián VÁZQUEZ LÁZARA, Chair of the Committee on Legal Affairs. The study “Ensuring efficient cooperation with the UK in civil law matters: situation after Brexit and options for future cooperation” aims to analyse many legal gaps left by Brexit and to identify the most affected areas of law


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