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Obstetric and gynaecological
22-04-2024 - 17:01

Obstetric and gynaecological violence encompasses multiple forms of harmful practices perpetrated during obstetric and gynaecological care. This form of gender based violence is not recognised by national laws. FEMM Committee Chair, Robert Biedroń, presents the latest study to show that initiatives are being taken to improve healthcare professionals’ understanding of the issues at stake to raise awareness or to foster positive changes, and to help adopt a more gender-sensitive approach

EU fisheries and aquaculture sector
08-03-2024 - 12:01

The EU is the world’s largest market for fishery and aquaculture products and it has faced an overall increase in imports from non-EU countries in recent years, says PECH Committee Chair Pierre Karleskind in the latest issue of the MH newsletter. He presents the latest study that identifies the main internal and external factors affecting the sector’s effectiveness and provides recommendations to strengthen the competitiveness of the entire value chain of the sector in the coming years.

Global Biodiversity Framework
31-01-2024 - 17:34

The 2022 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) was hailed as a historic landmark for biodiversity conservation. It consists of four goals that set out a vision for 2050 of a world living in harmony with nature. In this issue of the Monthly Highlights newsletter, ENVI Chair Pascal Canfin presents the new briefing with key insights into what progress has been achieved already and where more progress needs to be demanded when parties meet again at COP16 in October.

Solar panels and wind power generation equipment
15-01-2024 - 15:00

Africa has a potential for renewable energy generation yet it is the continent most affected by energy poverty, with 40% of population lacking access to electricity. DEVE is starting off a debate in view of the own-initiative report on this issue as informed by Tomas Tobé, Chair of the Committee, in the latest issue of the Monthly Highlights.

transparency and accountability of 
EU NGO funding
11-12-2023 - 14:58

CONT Committee monitors the transparency of NGO funding within the EU. In the latest edition of the Monthly Highlights newsletter, the Committee Chair Monika Hohlmeier says the quality of grant funding data and electronic systems has improved, but it remains difficult to have clarity about the use of funding and other financial support NGOs receive. The new study commissioned by CONT Committee advocates for a joint effort and makes recommendations to Parliament, Commission and NGOs themselves.

20-11-2023 - 13:52

Medicinal products can be temporarily protected from direct competition by multiple forms of market protection. The Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC) grants holders an extension of the patent protection by a maximum of 5 years, says Adrián VÁZQUEZ LÁZARA, the Chair of the Committee on Legal Affairs and presents the latest study that analyses regulatory proposals introducing a unitary SPC.


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