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(6? p????aµµa-p?a?s??)

EPP-ED PSE Group ELDR GUE/NGL The Greens| European Free Alliance UEN EDD/PDE

> Intellectual Property in the Information Society

?a??te?? p??stas?a ??a t??? d?µ???????? ?ts? ?ste ? d?µ??????a ?a s??e??se? ?a ap?d?de? ?a? st? µ?????

?a ??a µ?sa e?asfa?????? ?t? ??? t? ??f?a?? pe??e??µe?? -?e?µe??, µ??s??? ?a? ????µat???af???? ta???e?- e??a? d?a??s?µ? a?? p?sa st??µ?, ?p??d?p?te, ?a? µp??e? ?a a?t????fe? ????? pe?????sµ??? ?a? µe ?aµ??? ??st??. St?? ???????a t?? p????f?????, ?? ?ata?a??t?? ????? p??sßas? se ded?µ??a ?p??d?p?te, a?? p?sa st??µ?, ?a? a?t? ep?ta???e? ta p???µata. ?p????? ep?s?? ?a ep?fe?????? ap? e??? f?sµa p????f?????: µp????? ?a d?aß????? ep?st?µ????? ?e?µe?a st? ??ad??t??, a?t? ??a t? ß?ß???????· µp????? ?a pa?????? d????? t??? µ??s????? d?s???? ?a? p???? ???a.

? ??a te???????a f???e? µa?? t?? ??e? e??a???e?. Ost?s?, ?st? ?a? a? a????e? p??t?fa?e?? d??at?t?te? ??a t?? a???p???s? t?? d?µ????????t?ta? ?????, de? p??pe? ?a ap?te?e? eµp?d?? ??a t?? aµ??ß? d?µ???????, pa?a????? ?a? ???p????. ?? ?d?? ?s??e? ??a t? eµp???? ????? t?????: ?? ??µ???te? t?? ????pa???? ???s?? p?ste???? ?t? ?? d?µ??????? p??pe? ?a ep?fe????ta? ??? µ??? ap? t?? a????? p???s? t?? ????? t???, a??? ?a? ap? t?? µetap???s? t???. ??? ??e? ??µ??et???? d?at??e?? p?? f???t????? ?ste ? d?µ??????? e??? ????? ?a µp??e? ?a ep?fe?e?ta? µe asf??e?a ?a? µa???p???esµa ap? t?? e??as?a t??, ?ts? ?ste ? d?µ????????t?ta ?a s??e??se? ?a ap?d?de? ?a? st? µ?????.

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? ?d???a ??a t?? p??stas?a t?? d??a??µ?t?? p?e?µat???? ?d???t?s?a? p??state?e? s????te? ? s????afe?? ß?ß???? ? d?µ???????? ????µat???af???? ta?????. ?? ?d?? ?s??e?, ?s?? af??? t?? e???af? t?? ????? t???, ??a µ??s?????, ???p????? ? pa?a?????? f?????af?µ?t??, ta????? ? ?ad??f?????? e?p?µp??. ?p? t?? 22 ?e?eµß???? 2002, ? e????? ??µ??es?a t?? ??at?? µe??? ??a ta p?e?µat??? d??a??µata ?p?epe ?a a?t??at?pt???e? t?? ?????t???? d?at??e??.

??se? t?? ?d???a?, ?p???sd?p?te d?µ?????e? p?e?µat??? ?d???t?s?a p??pe? ?a e??a? se ??s? ?a as?e? ??e??? ep? t?? a?apa?a????? t??. ?p?????? ?µ?? ?a? µ?a se??? e?a???se?? p?? e?asfa?????? ?t? ?aµß??eta? ep?s?? de??t?? ?p??? t? ?????. ?a ???t? µ??? t?? ????pa???? ???s?? µp????? ?a ap?fas?s??? µ??a t??? e?? ?a efa?µ?s??? ? ??? a?t?? t?? saf?stata ?a????sµ??e? e?a???se??. G?a pa??de??µa, ta ???t? µ??? d??a?ta? ?a ep?t??p??? st??? ?ata?a??t?? ?a p?a?µat?p????? a?t???afa ??a ?d??t??? ???s?. ?p????? ep?s?? ?a p??ß??p??? e?a???se?? ??a ep?st?µ??????? ?a? d?da?t????? s??p???, ??a ß?ß??????e? ? a??e?a, ??a t?? e?d?se???af?a ? ??a s???e???µ??e? ?µ?de? p????sµ??, ?p?? ta ?t?µa µe e?d???? a????e?.

?? ß???e?t?? t?? ????pa???? ?????ß?????? ????sa? afe??? ?a ??a??p???s??? ta ?eµ?t? d?µ?s?a s?µf????ta, ?a? afet???? ?a e?asfa??s??? ?t? ?? e?a???se?? de? ?p???µe???? ta d??a??µata t?? d?µ???????. ??????sa? µ?a d??ta?? ß?se? t?? ?p??a?, a??µ? ?a? st?? pe??pt?s? ???sµ???? e?a???se??, ?? d?µ??????? p??pe? ?a aµe?ß??ta? de??t?? ??a t? ???s? t?? ????? t???. ?p?s??, ap?????sa? µe ep?t???a t?? a?t?stas? t?? ??at?? µe???, st? S?µß????? ?p??????, ?a? e?asf???sa? ?t? t? ???µa t?? d?µ??????? p??pe? ?a µ??µ??e?eta? ???e f??? p?? ???eta? ????? ??a t? ???? t?? «e?t?? e?? t??t? ap?de????eta? ad??at?». ?? S?µß????? e??e ta??e? ?p?? as?e??ste??? d?at?p?s??. ?p?s??, ?? ß???e?t?? ?at????sa? ?a e?asfa??s??? ?t? ? ?d???a ?a µetafe??e? st? e????? d??a?? µ?sa se de?a??t? µ??e?, a?t? t?? d?? et?? p?? ??t??se t? S?µß?????.

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St? µ?????, ?? e??ast???? ?a???t???e? ?a ep?fe????ta? ?a? ap? t? µetap???s? ????? t???, s?µf??a µe e??a???? ?a???e? t?? ??. ? ?d???a ??a t? d??a??µa pa?a???????s?? p??pe? ?a µetafe??e? st? e????? d??a?? ??? t?? 1? ?a???a???? 2006, ?a? pe??????eta? ?????? st? s??????? t????, ded?µ???? ?t? ta d??a??µata p?e?µat???? ?d???t?s?a? e?p????? 70 ?????a µet? t? ???at? t?? d?µ???????. ?p?s??, t? d??a??µa pa?a???????s?? ?s??e? µ??? ?ta? ta ???a t????? p?????ta? ap? epa??e?µat?e?, p.?. eµp????? ????? t?????. ?? d??a??µa e??a? ???µa??t?, ?a? µe???eta? ?s? a????eta? ? t?µ? p???s?? t?? ?????, ap? 4% se 0,25%. ?a ???t? µ??? ep?t??peta? ?a p??ß??p??? e?a???se?? st?? ?p??e? de? ??e? efa?µ??? t? d??a??µa pa?a???????s??.

?? ?a? ?? ß???e?t?? t?? ????pa???? ?????ß?????? s?µf????sa? µe t? S?µß????? ?p?????? ?? p??? t??? st?????, e?a????????sa? ?a d?af????? se d?? ??t?µata. ???t??, st?? e????st? t?µ? p???s?? ap? t?? ?p??a ?a ?????e ?a ?s??e? t? d??a??µa pa?a???????s??. ?? S?µß????? e??e ??se? ?at?tat? ???? t?? 4000 e???, ep?µ???? ??e?e ?a s?µpe????ße? ????te?a ???a t????? ap? ?,t? ?? ß???e?t?? t?? ????pa???? ?????ß??????, ?? ?p???? p??te??a? ta 1000 e???. ?e?te???, st?? pe???d? p?? p??ß?ep?ta? ??a µetaf??? st? e????? d??a?? ?a? t? µetaßat??? pe???d? t??: t? S?µß????? ??e?e ?a d?se? sta ???t? µ??? pe??ss?te?? ????? ap? ?s? ??e?e t? ?????ß?????. ?e???? ep?te?????e s?µß?ßasµ??: t? d??a??µa pa?a???????s?? ?s??e? t??a ??a ??a ta a?t??e?µe?a p?? st???????? t??????st?? 3000 e???, a??? ta ???t? µ??? d??a?ta? ?a ?a????s??? ?aµ???te?? a???µ?. ?? S?µß????? ?at????se ?a pe?????se? t? p?s? t?? ???µ?t?? p?? d??a???ta? ?a ??ße? ? ?a???t????? ap? t? µetap???s?, se µ???st? p?s? 12500 e??? ???e f???. ? pe???d?? p?? p??ß??peta? ??a t? µetaf??? t?? ?d???a? st? e????? d??a?? e??a? t?sse?a ?t?. ?? ?????ß????? e??e ??t?se? d?? ?t? ?a? t? S?µß????? p??te ?t?.

???? ??e?d?

?a???sµ??? ???a??sµ?? ??e?µat???? ?d???t?s?a? (WIPO). ? WIPO e??a? e?d???? ???a??sµ?? t?? ???µ???? ????? p?? ??e? st??? ?a p????e? t?? p??stas?a t?? d??a??µ?t?? ß??µ??a????? ?d???t?s?a? ?a? t?? d??a??µ?t?? p?e?µat???? ?d???t?s?a?. ?d?????e t? 1967, ??e? pe??p?? 180 ???t? µ??? ?a? ed?e?e? st? Ge?e??. ?? apa???? t?? a?????ta? st? st? de?aet?a t?? 1880, st? S?µf???a t?? ?a??s??? ??a t?? p??stas?a t?? ß??µ??a????? ?d???t?s?a? (1883) ?a? st? S?µf???a t?? ?????? ??a t?? p??stas?a t?? ????te?????? ?a? ?a???te?????? ????? (1886). ?? 14? ????? t?? s?µf???a? t?? ??????, t? ?p??? a?a?e??????e te?e?ta?a f??? st? ?a??s? t? 1971, af??? e?d???? ta d??a??µata pa?a???????s??.

???a??µata p?e?µat???? ?d???t?s?a? : Enrico Boselli (PES, I)
???a??µata p?e?µat???? ?d???t?s?a?: ???a??µa pa?a???????s?? ?p?? t?? d?µ???????: Jürgen Zimmerling (EPP-ED, D)
WIPO (?a???sµ??? ???a??sµ?? ??e?µat???? ?d???t?s?a?)
?p?s?µ? ef?µe??da - te????? p???e??:
???a??µata p?e?µat???? ?d???t?s?a?
???a??µata p?e?µat???? ?d???t?s?a?: ???a??µa pa?a???????s?? ?p?? t?? d?µ???????



  Publishing deadline: 2 April 2004