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EPP-ED PSE Group ELDR GUE/NGL The Greens| European Free Alliance UEN EDD/PDE

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? a???µ?? t?? ?p?t??p?? ?e??e?ta? s???? ?? ???? ??a t?? ap?te?esµat???t?ta t?? S?µat??. ????? s?µe?a, ta "µe???a" ???t? µ??? e??a? ap? d?? ep?t??p??? ?a? ta ?p????pa ap? ??a?, d??ad? 20 µ??? st?? ?p?t??p? t?? ?? t?? 15. ?p? 1?? ?a??? 2004, µet? t? d?e????s?, ? a???µ?? a?t?? a??????e se 30, µe ??a ??? ep?t??p? ??a ???e ??? ???t?? µ????. ? ??a ?p?t??p? p?? ?a a?a??ße? ?a?????ta t?? ???µß??? t?? 2004 ?a ??e? ap? ??a? ep?t??p? a?? ???t?? µ????, d??ad? 25 s???????. ??se? t?? S??????? t?? ???a?a?, ?ta? ? ???s? ?a a???µe? 27 ???t? µ???, ? a???µ?? t?? ep?t??p?? ?a p??pe? ?a e??a? µ????te??? t?? 27. S?µf??a µe t? s??d?? S??t??µat??, ? a???µ?? t?? ep?t??p?? "µe d??a??µa ??f??" ?a e??a? 15 t? 2009, s?µpe???aµßa??µ???? t?? p???d??? ?a? t?? (µe????t????) ?p?????? ???te?????, e?? ?a e?a???????se? ?a ?p???e? ??a? µ? ?a????sµ???? a???µ?? ep?t??p?? ????? d??a??µa ??f??. ?? d?? "?at?????e?" ?a ?ata??µ??ta? µe ß?s? t?? ?s? pe??t??p? µeta?? t?? ??at?? µe???.

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?? ape???µe?? ?????ß????? a???µe? 626 ß???e?t??. ?e t? d?e????s? ?a? t? ??a ?ata??µ? t?? ed???, µet? t?? e?????? t?? 13?? ??????? 2004 ?a ??e? 732 ß???e?t??. ?? s??d?? S??t??µat?? p??ß??pe? µ???st? ???? 736 ß???e?t?? ?a? e????st? ???? 4 ß???e?t?? ??a ta µ????te?a ???t?.

?? ????pa??? ?????ß????? ??e? t?? ?d?a t?? st? St?asß?????, ?p?? d?e???e? et?s??? 12 s???d??? ???µe?e?a? tess???? ?µe???, a??? ?? ep?t??p?? ?a? ?? p???t???? ?µ?de? t?? s??ed??????? st?? ???????e?, ?p?? d?e?????ta? ep?s?? s?µp????µat???? s???d?? ???µe?e?a?, e?? ? d?????s? t?? µ?????eta? a??µesa st?? ???????e? ?a? t? ????eµß?????.

(?a??? ta s?µe??µat? µa? ????? s??ta??e? e???e? t?? e???pa???? e??????, ??t? ap? a?t? a?apt?ss??? ?ept?µe??? t?? ????e? pt???? t?? e???s??? ?a? t?? ?e?t?????a? t?? ??.)

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?p? ta ???µat?p?st?t??? ???a?a, ? ????pa??? ?e?t???? ???pe?a e??a? a?µ?d?a ??a t? ??µ?sµat??? p???t??? t?? ????? e??? ?a? ed?e?e? st? F?a??f???t? (ß?. s?µe??µ? µa? ??a t? d?µ???at??? ??e??? t?? ???). ? ????pa??? ???pe?a ?pe?d?se?? ???µat?d?te? e???pa??? epe?d?t??? s??d?a ?a? ed?e?e? st? ????eµß?????.

??? s?µß???e?t??? ???a?a ed?e???? st?? ???????e?: ? ??????µ??? ?a? ????????? ?p?t??p?, ? ?p??a e?p??s?pe? t?? ??????µ???? ?a? ?????????? ???a??se?? ?a? t?? ???a??se?? p???t?? t?? ??, ?a? ? ?p?t??p? t?? ?e??fe?e???, ? ?p??a ap??e? t?? ap??e?? t?? ???a??sµ?? t?p???? ?a? pe??fe?e?a??? a?t?d?????s??. ?????, ? ???s? ??e? de?ap??te e?e?d??e?µ????? ???a??sµ???, t?? ?p???? ?? ?d?e? ????? ?ata?eµ??e? a??µesa se d??f??a ???t? µ???, ?a? ?? ?p???? as???? p??? s???e???µ??a te?????, ep?st?µ????? ? d?a?e???st??? ?a?????ta, ep? pa?ade??µat? st??? t?µe?? t?? pe??ß?????t??, t?? fa?µ???? ? t?? asf??e?a? t?? t??f?µ??.

S??desµ?? µe ta ?esµ??? ?a? ???p? ???a?a t?? ???s??:
S?µß????? t?? ????pa???? ???s??
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?p?t??p? t?? ?e??fe?e???
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  Publishing deadline: 2 April 2004