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EPP-ED PSE Group ELDR GUE/NGL The Greens| European Free Alliance UEN EDD/PDE

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?ste?a ap? p??e?d?p???se?? ???a??se?? t?? ???????a? t?? p???t??, 122 ???e? ?p???a?a? t? S?µßas? t?? ?t?ßa? t?? ?e??µß??? t?? 1997. ??t?te, ap???µata ta ?p??a ?epe????? ta 30 e?at?µµ???a ????e? ????? ?atast?afe? ap? ta ???t? µ??? t?? S?µßas??. ?a???? p?? s?µe?a p??? ap? 110 ???e? de? ???s?µ?p????? ????e? ?at? p??s?p????, p???? ap?µ????? a??µ? ?a ??????. S?µe?a, 65 ???e? e??a? e?te?e?µ??e? se a?t? t? µ?st??a. ???e ?????, ?? s???????? e?t?µ?se?? ??a ??a ??µata ?e?sa??? ?a???? ??µa????ta? a??µesa sta 15.0000 ?a? ta 20.000 ?t?µa, e? t?? ?p???? µe????? a???µ?? e??a? ?µa???, st??? ?p????? pe???aµß????ta? ?a? pa?d??. ?? ????e? de? p???a???? µ??? ap??e?e? se a????p??e? ???? ?a? f???t??? a???t???asµ???, a??? eµp?d????? ep?s?? t?? ??????µ??? ?a? ????????? a?????s? t?? ????? p?? ?p???a? ??at?? s??????se?? ? eµf????? p???µ??.

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??? p??sfata, se ??f?sµa p?? e??????e st?? 22 ?p?????? 2004, t? ????pa??? ?????ß????? ???ese ??a µ?a a??µ? f??? ta ???t? ?a ?p???????? ?a? ?a ????s??? t? S?µßas? t?? ?t?ßa?. ??d???te?a, ??te? ap? t?? ???µ??e? ????te?e? ?a epa?e?et?s??? t?? a?a??e??e?sa p???es? t??? ?a µ?? p??s????s??? st? S?µßas?. ?? ?????ß????? e?f???e? t?? e?p?da ?t? ???? ?? s??te?est??, ?a? e?d???te?a ?? µ? ??at????, ?a a?a??ß??? d?sµe?s? ??a t?? p???? apa???e?s? t?? ?a???? ?at? p??s?p????.

?atap???µ?s? t?? ?e?sa??? ?a???? ?at? p??s?p???? st?? a?apt?ss?µe?e? ???e?: Emma Bonino (IND, I)
?atap???µ?s? t?? ?e?sa??? ?a???? ?at? p??s?p???? st?? t??te? ???e? e?t?? t?? a?apt?ss?µ???? ?????: Emma Bonino (IND, I)
??f?sµa t?? ?? s?et??? µe t? ???s?e?? ??a t?? a?a?e???s? t?? S??????? t?? ?t?ßa? p?? af??? t?? ????e? ?at? p??s?p????
S?µßas? t?? ?t?ßa?
?e????? p???e?? p?? d?µ?s?e????a? st?? ?p?s?µ? ?f?µe??da:
?atap???µ?s? t?? ?e?sa??? ?a???? ?at? p??s?p???? st?? a?apt?ss?µe?e? ???e?
?atap???µ?s? t?? ?e?sa??? ?a???? ?at? p??s?p???? st?? t??te? ???e? e?t?? t?? a?apt?ss?µ???? ?????



  Publishing deadline: 2 April 2004