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Next ECB president: ECON hearing with Christine Lagarde
05-06-2020 - 09:00 ECON

The Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs will hold a Monetary Dialogue with European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde, on 8 June. The debate will focus on, amongst other things, the economic and financial perspectives at global level and for the euro area, and on the ECB response to the coronavirus crisis aimed at supporting firms and families in the EU. Christine Lagarde will also participate to a public hearing in her capacity as Chair of the European Systemic Risk Board.

Line of trucks on the D5 highway. The D5 is important transport connection between West Bohemia and Bavaria in Germany.
05-06-2020 - 09:00 TRAN

The Transport and Tourism Committee will vote on the social and market access files of the Mobility Package I on 8 June. The package deals with the posting drivers in the road transport sector, the minimum requirements on driving times, breaks and rest periods, and with pursuing the occupation of road transport operator and access to the international road haulage market. The Committee will also discuss funding in the transport sector in view of the EU Recovery Plan and the revised MFF proposal.

Hearing of Didier Reynders, Belgium, candidate commissioner for justice
05-06-2020 - 09:00 IMCO

The Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection will go over the New Consumer Agenda and the adjusted Commission 2020 Work Programme following the COVID-19 outbreak, on 8 June. Justice Commissioner Reynders is expected to present the key aspects of the new Consumer Agenda and of future consumer policy proposals. Recent developments as regards contact tracing apps and current issues faced by consumers and businesses in the tourism sector are also likely to be discussed.

Elisa Ferreira -Portugal -Cohesion and Reforms
05-06-2020 - 09:00 REGI

The Committee on Regional Development will hold a structured dialogue with Cohesion and Reforms Commissioner, Elisa Ferreira, on 8 June. The debate is expected to focus on the Commission's recent proposals for changes to the proposed legislation on the Common Provisions Regulation, on the ERDF/Cohesion Fund and Just Transition Fund for the next generation of cohesion policy, and on the substantial boost to the cohesion policy budget foreseen in the ReactEU response to the COVID-19 crisis.

calendar of the European Parliament
05-06-2020 - 08:59

The Conference of Presidents (CoP) of the European Parliament updated the institution’s calendar of activities on 2 April, as a result of the continuing precautionary measures taken to contain the spread of COVID-19. Apart from agreeing on a new extraordinary plenary session on 16 and 17 April in Brussels, the CoP has now introduced additional dates for remote meetings for Parliament’s governing bodies, committees and political groups. The full calendar is available on Parliament’s website.

Coloured dots in green, pink, yellow, red and blue in a round shape, representing the five chapters of the Fact Sheets on the European Union.
05-06-2020 - 08:59

The Fact Sheets on the EU provide an overview of European integration and of Parliament's contribution to that process. They present a brief overview of the EU's institutions and policies, and of Parliament's role in their development. Available in 24 languages, they cover five main areas: how the EU works; economy, science and quality of life; cohesion, growth and jobs; fundamental rights, security and justice; and the EU's external relations. The online version is updated regularly.

Faktatietoja EU:sta

The Fact Sheets provide an overview of European integration and of the European Parliament's contribution to that process.

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Julkinen asiakirjarekisteri

Euroopan parlamentin julkisen asiakirjarekisterin verkkosivuston kautta löydät asiakirjat, jotka parlamentti on laatinut tai vastaanottanut 3. joulukuuta 2001 alkaen.

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Tavallinen lainsäätämisjärjestys

Euroopan unionin säädökset hyväksytään pääsääntöisesti tavallisen lainsäätämisjärjestyksen mukaista menettelyä noudattaen.

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Delegoidut säädökset

Toimielinten välinen delegoitujen säädösten rekisteri

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Tieteellisten ja teknisten toimintavaihtoehtojen arviointi Euroopan parlamentille

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