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Construction workers collaborating in the installation of cement formwork frames
Kuulamised IMCO ENVI

IMCO in association with ENVI will be holding a public hearing on 'Making the Internal Market for Construction Products fit for the 21st century'. The hearing will focus on important objectives of the revision of the Construction Products Regulation. These are the improvement of the existing harmonised rules for such products, as well as their alignment with the goals of the Green Deal and the increased uptake of digital technologies.

Image of nature, with white pictograms on top of it. Pictograms represent: water, sun, energy, circular economy, etc.
Seminarid DEVE

On 29 September, the Policy Department of the Directorate-General for External Policies is organising for the Committee on Development a workshop on "Enhancing Policy Coherence for Development". The workshop will be chaired by MEP Janina Ochojska.

WTO public forum logo for 2022 year
Muud üritused INTA

A delegation from the European Parliament, drawn from the International Trade Committee (INTA), will participate in this year's Public Forum of the World Trade Organisation (WTO)

antimicrobial medicinal products
Seminarid ENVI

The workshop will present the current situation in Europe and worldwide regarding the accessibility and availability of antimicrobial products and the needs for new ones. It will then focus on the challenges and the available policy options to improve the discovery, development and availability of antimicrobial pharmaceutical products.

Human rights in Brazil
Kuulamised DROI

On 26 September the Subcommittee on Human Rights will hold a hearing on Protecting Indigenous Peoples' Rights in Brazil. The hearing will follow up Parliament's call for indigenous peoples' rights to be fully protected, including their land, territories and resources.

EPRS-EUI joint event
Policy Roundtables and Book Talks EPRS

Monday 26 September 14:00-18:30 and Tuesday 27 September 8:45-13:00

The challenge today for democracies in Europe and beyond is how to become more open and more resilient. This policy roundtable brings together politicians, policymakers, academics, and policy analysts to set an agenda for positive action.


Kodukorra artikli 193 alusel võib parlamendikomisjon korraldada ekspertide osavõtul kuulamisi, kui see on vajalik komisjoni tööks teatud valdkondades. Kuulamisi võivad ühiselt korraldada ka kaks või enam parlamendikomisjoni. Enamik komisjone korraldab kuulamisi korrapäraselt, kuna need võimaldavad ekspertidega konsulteerida ja pidada arutelusid tähtsatel teemadel. Siin lehel on kogu olemasolev teave kuulamiste kohta, sealhulgas kavad, teadaanded ja sõnavõtud.


Seminare korraldavad poliitikaosakonnad ja teaduslike tuleviku-uuringute üksus (STOA) ning neid hallatakse kooskõlas finantsmäärusega. Seminarid ei ole alati avalikud, kuid neid võidakse korraldada komisjonide koosolekute raames.

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EPRSi poliitikaümarlauad ja raamatututvustused

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